20 Best Sites Like WatchCartoonOnline [Updated List]

WatchCartoonOnline: We all are fond of watching cartoons no matter how old we grow. Cartoons are not just about animated characters but also have nostalgia. They have a strong relation with moral stories and interesting screenplays. No doubt that watching cartoons takes us back to our childhood memories, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot watch them during our adulthood. Luckily, there are websites like watch cartoons online, and there are amazing alternatives as well. You can always watch your favourite cartoon character in watchcartoononline alternatives that are very easy to access.

Anime Sites
One of from the free Anime sites

Forget about the days when there used to be just limited options to watch online cartoon series. We are living in the age of the Internet, where there are endless opportunities for everything. Even when it comes to watching cartoons and live streaming them, some of the best platforms are mentioned on this page.

No doubt that watchcartoononline is the first name that comes to mind when we want to access the best website for watching cartoons. All anime lovers adore this particular platform because of its relentless movies, television shows, video clips, and downloadable content. Watching online cartoons becomes very easy with such a beautiful website. Somehow, for the ones who need alternatives, if the website is not working well, you can choose something from the below-mentioned list.

Websites Like Watch Cartoon Online | WatchCartoonOnline Alternative

Cartoon Network

One of the best alternatives for watchcartoononline is Cartoon Network online platform. Watch your favourite Tom and Jerry and enjoy the funny moments whenever you feel bored. There are hundreds of online video games that are meant for both kids and adults on this platform. You would be able to watch games like Ben 10, adventure-time, and Cartoon Network.

Cartoons On

Quite similar to watchcartoononline, cartoons on is a user-friendly online animated content website that can keep you happy by leaps and bounds. It has got series like Marvel Comics from Walt Disney and much more. You can even request your favourite cartoons, and the webpage would help you access them without any errors and backdrops.

Cartoon Crazy

One of the most preferred websites like watchcartoononline is cartooncrazy that has dubbed anime from different categories. There are HD quality shows, and you don’t even need to register. The content is viewable, and one doesn’t need to sign in.

Toon Jet

Another best alternative for watchcartoononline is toonjet that has a vast collection of animated content online. Without any kind of sign up and lengthy procedures, you can start getting entertained the moment you want. Toonjet is also one of the best websites to watch classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, loneytones, and much more.


There is a massive library of your favourite animated content on this particular platform. The sidebar always shows the ongoing and trending online content that is quite attractive and appealing. Although there are popping advertisements, they are not so annoying in nature. I would find animated shows in all the categories: comedy, horror, mystery, School, Vampire space, and many others.


All the people who can’t get over their craziness for watching cartoons can choose animepahe as a vivid option. You would be able to enjoy videos, dubbed content, and all sorts of animated content. The search bar and tabs are very well organized so that you can access your favourite shows immediately. There are minimal disturbing advertisements that can hinder the User experience. Animepahe is also a wonderful alternative for watchcartoononline.


The excellent website for watching online free cartoon content is kisscartoon. You can watch animated series without registering. There is always a proper classification and categorization of content so that accessing things is very easy. Among the top websites for streaming cartoon content, kisscartoon is also a great alternative to watchcartoononline. It is the leading online streaming website with millions of cartoon series.


One of the most famous cartoon streaming sites that deliver the latest and the old animated series in both HD and normal quality is 9anime. The website also allows you to request the animated content so that you do not have to look up any other platform to watch your favourite cartoon channels.

Anime Heroes

Anime heroes are the new online alternative for watchcartoononline that allows you to watch the best cartoon content and some of the latest shows. There are no display advertisements on the homepage, but you might get some pop-ups in the middle while watching the series. The user interface is straightforward to operate, and the videos are available in high definition and medium quality.


Another spellbound platform for watching your favourite animated content and television shows is otakustream. You would love watching Comedy, thriller, action, and romance based animated contents on this platform. Not only children but adults can also access the contents of their choice in animated forms. The community-based animated streaming website is committed to delivering the latest shows in the best possible quality. The ones who can’t get over the affinity for watchcartoononline can choose this particular alternative.

Chia Anime

Another option to watch animated content that has the best collection is Chia anime. Now, enjoying Asian drama and listening to the animal soundtrack is very easy. You would be able to Spice Up Your Life by accessing different animated content categories having negligible advertisements. The website is perfectly suitable for all age groups, but it would be better to access it after being 18 +.


Another great animated video site that not only allows the users to enjoy the original animated content but also the dubbed ones. There are poles, content, events, and forums that make the website highly interesting. There is even a download option that helps you to watch your favourite shows offline.

Super Cartoons

The reason why we have included super cartoons in the best alternative for watchcartoononline is because of Its easy understand interface. Any user can access the website without any hassles. It is quite fascinating to watch Disney and Looney Tunes animated content to keep you entertained. You would definitely enjoy watching some Old Age cartoon characters from Walt Disney Studio and Universal Studios.


The leading animated streaming website has a massive database so that you can enjoy watching some HD content for free. The website has a vivid library of cartoon series, and you can watch multiple categories of shows. Kiss anime should be your final destination to watch adventure, horror, comedy, romance, and much more.

Gogo Anime

Another great alternative to watch watchcartoononline that has a humongous database is Gogo anime. The dormant online website has excellent content that caters to the interests of kids and adults. The Animated Series is very well categorized; you can easily view the things of your choice very easily.


If you love watching cartoon series of different types and categories, Toonova is an option that will fulfil your desires. It is one of the most interesting websites that capture the attention of the users very well.


We include only the best alternative for watchcartoononline because we want the users to access quality content only. The ones who want to watch Spanish and English cartoon series can use anime FLV without any doubt.

Anime Freak TV

If you want to access your best animated drama and enjoy every possible category of cartoons, Anime freak TV is the site you need to check out. You can enjoy watching various categories of dubbed anime characters without paying any money at all.


Masterni is the leading animated website that allows you to watch animated content in English and different languages. The modern user interface makes it very easy to the contents of your choice. There are different categories such as vampire, action, and more. The website’s homepage also portrays the popular and trending animated cartoon series so that it becomes easy to pick up some enjoyable content.

Cartoon 8

The library has a massive collection of animated content that is popular and interesting to watch. You can watch Modern as well as retro cartoon series and keep yourself entertained for hours and hours.

Final Words

Here we come to an end in the list of best alternatives for watchcartoononline. Hopefully, you can find the website that hosts the animated series of your choice. Guys if you are looking for a link of any of the following websites mentioned above please let us know in a comment. I will try to help you with that, we cannot openly share links of the websites mentioned above.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q.  Do I need to provide a VPN for watching content on watchcartoononline?

The problems of privacy and copyright have often resulted because the users need to log in through international locations to keep that IP address safe. In some of the countries, users might be expected to provide VPN details.

Q. Is watching watchcartoononline authorized?

Watching content on watchcartoononline is unlawful, and you may have problems with the user’s privacy and promote data piracy.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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