Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2019 [Latest Version]

There are billions of users who use Android Operating System and most of them secure it with the Pin or Pattern lock. There are some people who forget the Password or Pattern lock. In this situation what can they do? They can reset their device on their own or can take it to a service station. But today, here we will tell you one secret tool which will help you to unlock your Pattern or Pin which you forgot. You need to download Android Multi Tools and get your phone to unlock if you don’t remember your Pin.

The tool which you need to download is Android Multi Tools v1.02b. So, let us see how can you download it and use it to unlock your phone. Android Multi Tools is the best tool to remove the pattern lock. In most of the Android Mobiles, this tool will remove the pattern lock. This supports all the windows versions. In the name itself it says, multi-tools means it performs multiple tasks at one time.


What are Android Multi Tools?

The main aim of Android Multi Tools is to remove the Pattern or Pin Lock of Android device which you forgot. With the help of this tool, you can unlock your Pattern or Pin. This tool is very helpful to remove the pattern lock. Apart from this, there are many other uses of Android Multi Tools. There are lots of features and advantages of using Android Multi Tools v1.02b.

Features Of Android Multi Tools v1.02b

  • Can Wipe the data of Android without installing the custom recovery.
  • Resets your Android in a few moments.
  • Display the device information like IMEI, Android version, and model numbers.
  • Gets all the drivers for your android.
  • This tool is free of cost there are no hidden charges in it.
  • Anyone can use Android Multi Tools, even if they don’t have any knowledge.
  • check device status
  • It has the ability to Reset Password or Pin Lock of any Android device
  • It also reset the Face data pattern lock
  • Can also reset the forgotten Gmail ID
  • Reboots in a Single Click

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How To Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b?

To, download the tool follow the steps given below. We explained it clearly.

  • In the beginning, download the Android Multi Tools v1.02b from the given link.


Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2018


How To Use The Tool?

To use the tool on your Android device you need to connect the mobile to Computer with USB cable. Once your phone is connected to the Computer, follow the given instructions.

  • After you download the tool, open the file
  • Extract the file to Desktop or anywhere on your System
    Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2018
  • Once it is installed then click on Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe to run the file.
  • Notification will come to ask the permissions, allow all of them
  • The tool will be open and a GUI will be presented.
  • You can check the device status by Pressing 1. It will give you all the information about your device like IMEI, Device ID, etc.
  • Press 2 to Reset the Password or Pin Lock. Most of you want this problem to be solved and that’s why you are here.
  • When you press 2 to Reset the Pin or Pattern lock, follow the instruction given and deactivate and remove the password or Pin lock of your device.
  • By pressing three, you can wipe face data or gesture lock if it was used to lock the device.
  • While pressing 4 it allows you to reset the Google ID which is connected with your device.
  • Pressing key 5 will wipe all the data of your device and your device will be new to use.
  • Press key 7 it will show you the status of the device when in the fast boot mode.


Why Should You Download Android Multi Tools?

This tool is not like other software. It works with your Android device in normal mode or fast boot mode. It is based on the command prompt, but it does not involve you in typing commands which you don’t know. However, it uses the button which is based on the navigation system. It means you are pressing the button which is parallel to the operation which you want to get through. The tool is very easy to understand for all of you.

You must use the Android Multi Tools, as it helps us in many ways. To unlock the device you can use this tool.

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Normal Mode

It means you have kept the phone on without doing anything.  Let us see how it works in Normal Mode:

  • Extract the file to desktop on your computer.
  • Once the file is extracted, click on the app which says Android Multi tools.exe and run it.
  • Click on it and a Command window will open with a green background.

Fastboot Mode

If you have ruined the User Interface of your phone then your phone is now immobile on a boot loop. Then also you can recover it by using fast boot mode. For this, you need to have fast boot drivers installed on your system. The RAR file which you download comes with fastboot. exe file. It helps a lot and you don’t need to look for it separately.

Double click on the fastboot.exe file and will reset the default drivers. All the drivers which are already on the system of your device will replace them with ADB drivers.


Things You Require to Download Android Multi Tools

If you want to use Android Multi Tools then you need a few things. Below we have listed the requirements to Download Android Multi Tools.

  • You need to have a Windows Computer with Windows 2007, Windows 2008 or 10, Windows XP.
  • The internet connection should be good to download the Android Multi Tools for Computer.
  • To do this procedure, you will need one Computer.
  • Connect the phone via USB cable to a computer
  • With the help of Computer, try to unlock the device which is locked.



We hope this guide is helpful to you. Android Multi Tools v1.02b is helpful for those who have forgotten their Pattern or Pin Lock. Use this tool and unlock your android device without resetting it. Just follow the guide which we have explained and get your device unlocked.

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