Escape From Tarkov Wipe: 4 Key Tips to Survive it

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most challenging FPS games in the world. It is a weird fusion between an FPS and a survival game that both want players to do their best to take each other out and also avoid conflict as much as possible. But this weird mix has not stopped the game from becoming a dominant top dog in the market, with thousands of new players signing up for the game every day.

But one might know this game has been around for some time. So new players might be expecting a huge disparity between the game level and weapons of more experienced players. But surprisingly, that is not the case. Beginner players might not know this, but after 2020, Escape from Tarkov has opted for periodic wipes of the game. In simplest terms, it is wiping everything back to zero, the gears, level, experience everything – to promote a fair playing field. Surviving a wipe can be a challenge, even with EFT cheats. While every player would be at the same level numerically, their prior experience in the game is not something that can be wiped. So, you must follow the below-listed carefully to stand any chance of survival.

1.  Be careful when you are fighting players.

Playing against other human players has always been the toughest nut to crack in Escape from Tarkov. And why should not it be? After all, these players have the same mission as yours, the same objective as yours, and the same desire to succeed as well. You simply cannot trick many of the other players as you can do the AI. So, naturally, the biggest challenge you would face is against human players.

But the challenge grows exponentially after the wipe. Before, you would assume that the player in the match against you is on the same level of experience in the game. Now such an assumption is only inviting disaster to your gameplay. You would never know whether the player dominating the charts is just getting lucky or is one of the game’s top pros. Solution? Do not get into combat. It is the only way you can secure your survival in the game. Make slow and steady progress, build up your inventory, and then get back to dominating the map.

2.  Focus on the SCAVs

Thankfully, one thing has not changed with the wipes – the ease with which one can take out a SCAV. Though calling them easy would be inaccurate as they could pose some serious threat if the player is not careful when facing them. And in case you are a beginner of the game, then you should treat them very carefully,

One of the advantages that SCAVs have over many players in the game, especially newbies, is how accurate their shots are. If they have homed in on you, then your survival chances would be very close to nil. The trick to beating SCAVs is to confuse them and never engage them in direct combat. If you follow these mantras, then you would sooner become a SCAV destroyer in the game without any challenge.

3.  Focus on making money

Now we are not giving you a piece of life advice, but it is actually something you need to consider a priority if you want to survive in Escape from Tarkov. The more money you obtain, the better weapon and gear you would be able to buy from the market. It is as simple as that.

Luckily, Escape from Tarkov allows players to easily make money by simply looting other players during the raid. Your target should be to reach level 10 as quickly as possible (to unlock the flea market) and then make high-level trades in the game without any issue. Make them your priority, and sooner you will be dominating the game again (or first time if you are a beginner player).

4.  Take your quests seriously.

Now in the previous point, we have alluded to the importance of gaining levels as quickly as possible. Naturally, you need to make this one of your priorities. But leveling up in Escape from Tarkov is not an easy task at all. Not only would you have to grind for hours, but the first few level-ups would not be that encouraging. Do not lose heart over it, and make level 10 your first target.

To make this task a bit easier, you can take advantage of the quests that are lined up for you. After completion, you would not only get a handsome reward but quite a load of XPs as well, which will increase your character’s level.

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