5 Best Emulators for PUBG Mobile – Play PUBG on PC for Free

5 Best Emulators for PUBG Mobile, now play PUBG on PC for Free. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG, the game which can lead leaving your work. PUBG mobile game is stepping ahead all the competition and breaking the records of all other games of Android. But the popularity is concerned when people won’t be able to play in their phones because of memory limitation or maybe any other issue.

And end up searching the same for PC and then when we see it cost. Then we step back and leave. But here you do not need to worry about the cost.

Guys, if you are excited to play this game and haven’t played yet or won’t be able to play correctly in your Android device then today I am going to share you the best emulators for PUBG through which you can play PUBG on your PC for free and without worrying for anything else.

To make your work easier listing all the best emulators which help you to play PUBG on PC. Make sure to read till last because the pearl is in the river which can help you to grab Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!. Have a look below.


5 Best Emulators for PUBG Game (100% Working)

#1: Tencent Gaming Buddy

Exclusively build for gamers to play Android games on PC and created with the intention of gaming. As the technology is evolving the game are too upgrading which need more graphics and storage. But then the user is not improving their phones that frequently. Only a few of the user frequently upgrade the devices. To support this issue, the Tencent Gaming Buddy comes with a solution to provide hassle-free gaming on PC. I’ve manually tested this emulator for PUBG, and it is working smoothly.

If you want to feel the PUBG with more better graphics, then choose Tencent as your priority. Using Tencent emulator, you can enjoy PUBG game without lagging.

PUBG Emulator


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Wait! In case the Tencent is not working for you then there are more emulators below which can help you to fulfill your gaming journey even PUBG too. Must have a look below. 


#2: Nox Player

This emulator is quite famous, and you might have heard about this before. The old version of Nox doesn’t have much functionality and does not support several apps. But after the release of the version 6. The Nox emulator left behind many best emulator back. Even the macros work so powerfully. Using nox player macros, you can automate the PUBG game at a greater extent. Anyways, we’ll it talk later.

Now nox player 6.0+ version supports the PUBG game which makes the emulator different from another emulator. You can easily customize the controls and setting for smooth playing. To experience PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC, download NOX emulator from below.

NOX-PLAYER Emulator for PUBG


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#3: MEmu Play

This might be a new word for you. While researching, I even do not about this, but later after exploring this emulator, I got to know the power of this emulator which can do wonder in your gaming experience especially for PUBG game. After the Tencent Gaming buddy I am the thing to add this above the NOX player, but while comparing both, I found this a little less then NOX.

I did an in-depth review, but some minor features like macros are not available. Still, if you do not know anything about macros, then you can surely keep this emulator above the NOX. The PUBG mobile game perfectly works and without lagging. So you surely give it a try. This emulator is designed to play PUBG on PC. Download MEmu now and start playing PUBG game.



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#4: BlueStacks Emulator

This emulator is also famous, and yes it works for almost all apps. But here we have shifted it to the fourth position because here we are only discussing the PUBG game. For the rest apps, this emulator is still on the top. We have also used this emulator for playing mini militia game on PC and for other apps. As the app has millions of users and large chunks of user still trust on this emulator.

To compete in the market, the BlueStacks brings support with PUBG mobile game which has drastically increased the downloads of the emulator. Now PUBG is supported with BlueStacks, and even the game works smoothly. The controls are smooth, and the accuracy is precise. This means you can easily install and play PUBG game in the bluestacks emulator for free.

PUBG on Bluestacks


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#5: Andy PUBG Mobile Emulator

Last but not least. Andy is not yet widespread and still competing with other emulators. But due to the support of PUBG game slowly and steadily the andy emulator is getting popular too. I have not yet tested the game in Andy but yes I went to a few discussion forums and gaming forum, and from there I got to know about this emulator.

Later after comparing I find it suitable to add it in the five best lists of PUBG mobile emulators for PC. Besides this Andy sync up with your Google Play account which can help you to resume your game in PC too. This option makes Andy unique and easy to use. Because I found a few gamers, who play time independent and machine independent.

Which means you can resume your mobile played saved games on PC too. Download the ANDY Emulator and start playing PUBG game.

Andy for PUBG


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What is Emulator for PUBG?

If you do not know about the emulator and worries about any circumstances, then I am sharing a little info about it which can clear your mind to download and install the best emulator for PUBG mobile on PC. So basically, the emulator for PUBG helps you to play the game on PC. Downloading the Android emulator in PC can help you to run Android apps and games virtually without any Android device. To enable playing PUBG game people use emulator through which they can play PUBG on PC for free.


Final Thoughts!

Hope you like the above list. Use any of the above emulators to enjoy playing PUBG mobile game on a bigger screen with better controls. Some of the above emulators do support gaming consoles which turns you into hardcore PUBG gamer. Check out our website for more good mods and emulators.

Please tap on the share button if you like our list of Best Emulator for PUBG Mobile. Also, let me know in comments, which emulator works great for you?.

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