Clash Of Paradise APK Latest COC Server [100% Working]

Are you looking for a working clash of clans private server? Here I bring Clash of Paradise private server, more capacity with unlimited resources, and moreover tested by me. As you might have already known that Clash of Clans game has more than 500 million downloads from the Google Play Store itself, Clash Of Clans, also known as COC, is undoubtedly the most popular strategic mobile game. I’m pretty sure that you already know about this game or maybe play it as well. And you might be aware of all the caveats in this game too.

For a beginner, COC comes with limited resources like Gems, Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. And you have to get yourself a kick using these resources only because to collect more, you’ll have to be good at your gaming strategy. For some players, this process is time-consuming and slow as well. Or to speed things a little bit up, you may have to use a private server that can fulfil your requirements with unlimited resources and in-game inventory.

You aren’t the only one who thought about this solution, are you? There are millions of active players who are already using these private servers, thus making it packed up. If you try to access these servers, you’ll face problems like high latency and connection timeouts. And for an online game, these issues are frustrating.

About Clash of Paradise
If you’re already aware of using private servers for COC, then you might have come across names like Clash Of Lights and Clash Of Null. As mentioned above, these servers have the same issues like connection timeouts, severely high latency, and server bottlenecks.

So, how to get over these issues?

Surely there’s away, and that is Clash Of Paradise. Unlike any other private server for COC, Clash Of Paradise is precisely the same. But this server has no such mentioned issues that others have. Apart from getting unlimited resources like Gems, Gold, and Elixir, you’ll also get benefits such as the lowest possible network latency, security, and connections priority.

You can start your gameplay with unlimited resources without having to worry about network issues, connection timeout, and severely lousy latency. Like most other private servers, Clash Of Paradise isn’t launched officially by Supercell (Developer of Clash Of Clans). Other talented developers develop private servers across the globe. They modify the original APK of COC in such a way that instead of using official COC servers, the network traffic is routed to their private servers.

Hence, with resources like unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir, you’ll get added benefits of having a reliable, secure, and fast network connection. Clash Of Paradise APK is precisely the original COC APK, but with the private server support.

There are plenty of features in Clash Of Paradise, and it’s not possible to mention them in paragraphs. So, let’s have a bird’s eye view at them using the following bullet points.

Features of Clash Of Paradise APK

  • Reliable, fast, secure, and private internet server.
  • Unlimited Gems for absolutely free.
  • Benefits of owning 100000000 of Gold, similar to unlimited.
  • Elixir and Dark Elixir is available at 100000000 quantity.
  • Free unlimited Troops is available.
  • Free unlimited CHEST is available.
  • Access to unlimited farm resources for free.
  • You don’t need to wait for in-game progress.
  • Pre-activated admin commands to help you build bases faster.
  • Excellent experience doesn’t require any new unit.

Now that you know about Clash Of Paradise, you may wonder how to install this on your device and start playing with your existing COC account. I guess you’re very excited by knowing about this private server and want to learn more. Continue reading this article for the step-by-step installation guide on your Android device. And as a cherry on the cake, on your PC too.

Download & Install Clash Of Paradise APK on Android

Clash of Paradise

Downloading and installing Clash Of Paradise APK is very simple. You need to download the APK file from the provided link and install that APK, as you would normally do on your Android smartphone. So, let’s get started with this detailed guide.

  1. Uninstall any previous COC app.

To install the new APK file on your Android device, you’ll at first need to uninstall any previous Clash Of Clans app. And if you were using any private server for playing COC, uninstall that too. Everything will be given a fresh and new start. Before uninstalling the previous app, make sure that you have a backup of all your data.

  1. Enable “Unknown sources” toggle.

For security restrictions, Google doesn’t usually allow to install any application which is sourced from third-party websites. That’s why there’s an “Unknown sources” toggle on every Android device. Enabling this will allow you to install applications that are sourced from third-party providers. Follow the steps to enable this toggle, Settings > Privacy & Security > Unknown sources > Enable.

  1. Download Clash Of Paradise APK.

Visit the above link, and you’ll be redirected to the main download page of our trusted website. The latest version of this APK is v11.651, and it’s already got more than 225,000 downloads from there. The APK size is 116 MB, just like the regular Clash Of Clans APK. After hitting the “Download Now” button on the page, the file download will automatically start.

  1. Install the APK.

Navigate to this file using your phone’s native file manager, and the data should be present inside the “Download” folder in the root directory. Simply click in the file to start the installation process. Note that you’ll need 500 MB of disk space on your internal memory to install this game. On Samsung devices, you can even fit on an SD card, but internal storage is recommended for best.

  1. Open the app and start using straight away.

Finally, open the application and allow every device permissions it will ask for. Imagine that you’re using the regular COC game because you know the next steps. Login to your account using Play Games, Facebook, or whichever you had before. It’s that simple.

I know that many users play COC on their PC. Therefore, I’ll also guide you through all the steps to install Clash Of Paradise on your Windows or Mac PC.

How Install Clash Of Paradise on your PC?

If you’re familiar with using PC emulators for running Android applications on Windows and Mac, then you’ll have no problem doing this. After installing an emulator, you’ll need to install the same Clash Of Paradise APK file for Android.

  1. Download the BlueStacks emulator.

Hit the above link, and you’ll be taken to the official download page of BlueStacks. Note that you’ll have to download this from Windows or Mac only because the website doesn’t allow you to download the file from Android, iOS, or any other platform.

Select your PC Operating System, and for Windows, select your architecture, like 32-bit or 64-bit. Next, choose the architecture of the APK file you’ll be installing on BlueStacks. Keep it on 64-bit because that is the value for the APK file you downloaded. Hit the “Download” button to download the respective version of BlueStacks.

  1. Install BlueStacks emulator

Now click on the downloaded BlueStacks file to start installing it. The installation time depends on your PC hardware and internet speed.

  1. Install Clash Of Paradise on BlueStacks.

Copy the Clash Of Paradise APK file to your PC and keep the tab opened. Now, open BlueStacks and bring the APK file by drag and drop method. The installation process will be started straight away and will take some time as it takes on Android.

  1. Open and set up the game.

Once installed successfully, open the game and just like Android, complete the login step and start playing. You won’t need to configure or toggle any additional settings on your PC because everything will be optimized well. Was it hard?

Final words

Clash Of Paradise is one of the best private servers that thousands of players use. But a thousand player doesn’t mean that it will slow down eventually like most other private servers. Not at all. You can enjoy all the bonuses like unlimited Gems, Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Build your game strategy and beat them all. Clash Of Paradise’s private server and new resources are always there to help you.

Thank you for having patience while reading our article and making it worth it. We promise to bring similar helpful content and guides in the future. Have a great day ahead, and goodbye for now.

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