Download YouTube Vanced Apk Latest All Variants White/Blue/Pink/Dark

This is the download page for Youtube vanced. Here you will get all variants of the apk. I have clearly mentioned the variant name. You ca select from rooted or unrooted apk. If you are a magisk user then the mods are listed below. And for the nonroot device also the mods are listed below. But make sure you read the installation guide here.

Rest information is mentioned in the here. But want to share the basic before getting started. The Youtube vanced version is the moded apk of youtube which allows you to play youtube in the background and without ads.

YouTube Vanced Features

  • Adblocker – No more annoying ads, enjoy youtube experience without ads.
  • Background Playback – This is the most searched feature. Well, now the wish is completed. Now listen to your favorite music/songs while working with another app of screen closed mode.
  • Zoom video – Pinch to Zoom videos. Work in all versions.
  • You can force to stop Casting.
  • Custom Theming – Select from pre-loaded themes and enjoy the new UI. Select themes from vanced settings (Balck/White/Dark).
  • Pip (picture in picture mode) – Wanted to work on the different app or want to see cricket match while chatting with your GF. Then this feature might help you. Play youtube simultaneously with other apps. But the limitation is, it only works with Oreo Roms or above.
  • Force VP9(or HDR) or vice versa
  • Override the Maximum Resolution
  • Loop Video – Set the loop mode for your video to repeat the same video multiple times.
  • Set preferred Resolution – Set the default Resolution for all your videos and select the network mode too, Wifi and Mobile.
  • Default preferred Speed – Set the playing video speed.

This is some of the features of Youtube vanced. For more download the app from below and enjoy youtube with unlimited experience.

Download Youtube Vanced for Non-Rooted Device

Here we keep updating the links with the latest version of youtube vanced. So stay tuned for getting latest update or subscribe to our push notification to get the latest update directly ping to you.

White/BlueDownload Now
White/BlackDownload Now
White/PinkDownload Now
White/DarkDownload Now

Select your favorite variant and download it now. For more comment on original post.

Download YouTube Vanced For Magisk Version

ARM | White/BlackDownload Now
ARM | White/DarkDownload Now
ARM64 | White/BlackDownload Now
ARM64 | White/DarkDownload Now
x86 | White/BlackDownload Now
x86 | White/DarkDownload Now

Here are the links for all variants of the Youtube vanced. Select accordingly and download it. To know more about the Youtube Vanced you can find the installation guide here.