YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version Download [Background Play 🎥 and No Ads]

Yesterday I was searching for an app which allows me to play videos in the background (Youtube background playback), so that you can keep youtube playing in background and without ads. Because youtube now show too many ads. I know to respect ads but when it’s too much you need to fix it. And after trying out many apps I got an amazing app on XDA forum. The app is YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version.

Youtube Vanced APK
Youtube Vanced APK

Download Now

I tried too many apps and compare it with other similar apps. But the quality, UI and extra features which I got in YoTube vanced I didn’t get in any other similar apps. It’s not just a youtube background play but loaded with too many extra features. I don’t know the developer personally well almost no one knows the developer personally but still, they try the app. The same I did. And found the amazing app.

Well before I continue with more information let me grab your little attention. The app doesn’t need the rooted phone at all. You can install the app directly without any xposed module or rooted device.

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Yeah! This is the real specialty of this Youtube playback app. Well, don’t worry if you are rotted or you have xposed installed then too it will work great in your device.

But sadly…

I-phone users won’t be able to use this app. I will try to figure out same for iPhone users soon.

Let us continue. The app named before was iYTBP – injected YouTube Background Playback, you might have heard about this before. If not, no worries you getting started with the most stable and updated version of the app named YouTube Vanced by Master_T from XDA. He is a senior member of XDA and has contributed lots of things to XDA. So I may surely say you can trust the app.

Well, I saw somewhere in comments from the thread, you have to uninstall the original YouTube app before using it. So that it will work properly. But for me, it is working perfectly without uninstalling the original YouTube app. Will add the installation guide below. Don’t worry about it because I always add the installation and downloading guide for the user comfort.

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So are you ready to download the youtube moded app called youtube vanced app? I hope you are ready to start watching videos without irritating ads. If you use youtube for listening songs or anything then I hope you are ready too. There are many conditions for which you agree on it to install YouTube Vanced 2018 mod app. Now play youtube in background in android.

The rest features of the app is based on the original YouTube app. Rest the youtube vanced have more features. Before it is available for the rooted users but after many requests, the developer got in the mood and developed moded youtube to make Youtube vanced app mod available for non-rooted users.

Note: If you are non-root users and want to login to the Youtube vanced you need to install an extra app called MicroG. If you are rooted or using Magisk then no need of this extra app. For non-root if you don’t need to login then it will work smoothly.

Let’s get started with the features and then will share the downloading guide and then the final installation guide. In the end, I want your comment/feedback below.

So ready?

I hope yes. Let’s go.


Features Of YouTube Vanced APK 2018 Latest Version

  • Adblocker – No more annoying ads, enjoy youtube experience without ads.
  • Background Playback – This is the most searched feature. Well, now the wish is completed. Now listen to your favorite music/songs while working with another app of screen closed mode.
  • Zoom video – Pinch to Zoom videos. Work in all versions.
  • You can force to stop Casting.
  • Custom Theming – Select from pre-loaded themes and enjoy the new UI. Select themes from vanced settings (Balck/White/Dark).
  • Pip (picture in picture mode) – Wanted to work on the different app or want to see a cricket match while chatting with your GF. Then this feature might help you. Play youtube simultaneously with other apps. But the limitation is, it only works with Oreo Roms or above.
  • Force VP9(or HDR) or vice versa
  • Override the Maximum Resolution
  • Loop Video – Set the loop mode for your video to repeat the same video multiple times.
  • Set preferred Resolution – Set the default Resolution for all your videos and select the network mode too, Wifi and Mobile.
  • Default preferred Speed – Set the playing video speed.

Isn’t the features are really amazing and mind-blowing. Hope you like it. Now it is on you either you want to download it or not. The next part is about downloading the Youtube vanced app and then installing the app. I am sharing the download guide below. Make sure you don’t skip any steps in below guides. Sometimes people don’t follow the step and then they blame the app is not working. So make sure you follow the steps buddy.

Download Youtube Vanced APK 2018 Latest Version

youtube vanced download
youtube vanced download

Download Now

Youtube vanced app is small in size. It won’t consume your too much data. Before sharing we also check the file for various malware and viruses. We won’t share any files which are affected. So don’t worry about the malware. But before you download the file please read the note below.

Note: We at DroidBull won’t develop any file. We share 3rd party files which users are searching. We are not anyway affiliated to the mod or the app. But we promise to always share 100% virus free and protected file.

Now starting with the downloading guide.

Steps To Download Youtube Vanced – Youtube Background Play App

  1. Open any browser which provides the great downloading speed from your device.
  2. Click on the above download button.
  3. Then you will get the download page for youtube vanced mod app.
  4. Select your desired version and click on the link.
  5. The page contains a direct download link.
  6. Voila! The file will download automatically.

You must be thinking what so brainer in the download part.  I saw some people won’t understand the things properly if they are new and they get confused with the downloading part. For them, these steps are written. Well sorry if you find it disgusting. You may switch to installation guide directly from the next time if you are an expert.

Follow the installation steps correctly. The steps are easy. You don’t get any problem. If you get a problem then comment below.

How To Install YouTube Vanced apk for Non-Rooted Device Easily

Step 1: If you have downloaded the app before then to install the latest version you have to uninstall the old version and then install the fresh version. So start from below.

Step 2: Uninstall the YouTube app from play store and stop auto updates for the official Youtube app. Also, uninstall the old version of Vanced version.

Step 3: Download the fresh latest youtube vanced apk file from the above download button.

Step 4: Till download finishes. Enable the device to install the application from external sources. If you know this step then skip this part and move to next step. To enable the installation from unknown sources you have to open your device settings >> navigate to security/privacy settings >> tab on toggle button to enable “Unknown Sources“. Follow the image below.

install from unknown sources

Step 5: Do not worry, it is safe. Whenever you download and install the app from other sources excluding google play store it is necessary to enable this option.

Step 6: After the download completes open your device file manager and navigate to the latest youtube vanced mod. Tap on the icon and install the app.

Youtube vanced apk download
Youtube vanced apk download

Step 7: Now download the MicroG app from here or download from the below button. (Only if you need to login youtube account, for surfing it won’t be required).

Download MicroG APK

Step 8: Install the MicroG app and open it for settings.

microg apk download

Step 9: Voila! You had done it. WoW! Now you can log in to your account.

Step 10: To change the color go to Settings >> Vanced Settings >> Layout Settings and select your desired color.

YouTube Mod APK
YouTube Mod APK

Hope you understand the steps and would be now happy. If you still find any issue then comment below will help you. I am done with the installation part for the non-rotted device. For a rooted device, the steps are same.

Now below sharing the steps to install the YouTube Vanced Magisk Version. If you already knew the steps to install the app in magisk then just download the latest version and enjoy the app.

How to Install YouTube Vanced Magisk Module Latest Version

  • The first step is same. Uninstall the official version of youtube updates and turn-off the auto updates for official youtube app.
  • Download the desired color vanced Magisk module from below button. Select the color then click on download link.

Download Now

  • Now find and open Magisk file manager from your device. And locate the module section to add a new module.
YouTube Vanced Magisk APK
YouTube Vanced Magisk APK
  • Click on the plus icon in the module section to add a new module. Now locate the zip file for youtube vanced magisk version which you have downloaded from above. Open it.
Youtube vanced module download
Youtube vanced module download
  • Wait till the Magisk file manager operates and install the file to your device.
  • Voila! Done you have installed the module. Now open the Youtube Vanced Mod App and enjoy it.

Hope you get all the steps. If you find it confusing then let us know in comments below. We will resolve your problems somehow. Also, adding a video tutorial below so that you could get the things easily. Watch the video below.

Youtube Vanced Installation Video Tutorial

Final Verdict!

Hope you enjoyed the guide. I know I take it long to make the guide complete. But believe me, it is necessary. I love to make things clear and easy. If you liked the Latest version of the YouTube Vanced APK then please share the mod with your friends. And this makes motivated to make new updates available to you. Make sure to subscribe push notification so that you will get new updates notification. Enjoy the Youtube in the background without ads. Also, check out our other mods on DroidBull.

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