Mini Militia Wall Hack [Latest] Fly Through Walls (New Features Added)

Have you ever tried skipping walls when you are in danger? Or did you imagine that you could prank players and show magic by flying through the wall in your favorite game, mini militia? If no, then here is the hack, today I am going to share you one amazing od by which you can do crazy things which you have never done before in the game. Yeah, you on the right place if you are searching for the Mini Militia Wall hack. Many users say it mini militia fly through walls.

mini militia wall hack mod apk
mini militia wall hack mod apk

But we don’t need just name, we need things working. And here I find the perfect solution for you. The mod is enough to make your friends or enemies get a shock. I tried this mod personally and even I was like wow! I got such a wonderful thing. Instantly decided to share with you, my readers.

So isn’t it sound sexy and wow?

If yes then you are like me. But for those who are not aware of the mini militia mods then you can learn more about mini militia here. But still, I am going to share few knowledge about mini militia game and mini militia wall hack mod apk.

Well, mini militia invisible hack is aka wall hack is another great mod by an unknown developer. Who introduced a way through which users can fly directly through a wall and take a shortcut from any path. In the same, if we talk about non-fly mod user they won’t be able to catch fly through walls mod users because they don’t have that ability. Below later, if you want to know, I am going to explain how mini militia invisible hack apk works?

So if you are excited then stay tuned till the end. Will surely share some of the best mods on our website DroidBull. You can also check other mods of mini militia mods section.

Mini Militia Wall Hack APK Mod is available for Android, PC, and iOS. Well, most of the iOS users won’t be able to take advantage of mod games. But this time we won’t make them nervous. We are soon going to release the mini militia wall hack iOS version. Some people say this mod a ghost mod. I know it’s not directly related to ghost

…but yes, somehow this mod allows you to move through walls like ghosts.

Fly Through Walls mod provides you the ability to fly anywhere with access to the unlimited ammo and unlimited jetpack superpowers. It has a lot to do with. Check out the other features of mini militia fly through wall mod apk below.

 The video is old recorded but the mod is updated now to 2018 version.

Features of Mini Militia Wall Hack Mod APP

Some of the features I already mentioned in the intro part. But would like to mention it here as well. Get a look to mini militia fly through walls mod features.

  • Wall Hack/Invisible Mod – The name shows its power. The mod is dedicated on the same. You will get power to fly through walls and you will get an ability to hide from other users. Enjoy 2-in-1.
  • Unlimited Ammo – Yes, you don’t need to change the gun until you need to change it. Becuase the mod is providing you unlimited ammo which means unlimited killing.
  • No Reload – You don’t need to wait and reload your gun. This means you don’t have to remember every time when you weapons have to reload. Kill unlimited and without worries.
  • Pro Pack Unlocked – We have a dedicated mod for the mini militia pro pack. But as I already told this wall hack mod is so special which gets you pro pack feature in one. All store items are unlocked in this mod and all pro pack mod abilities is unlocked.
  • Unlimited Jetpack – Tired of filling nitro every time? Do you need to fly higher, so that no one will get you? Then there is the catch. You will get unlimited jetpack powers. Fly Unlimited without worry.
  • Transparent Bushes – Sometimes your enemies will irritate you by hiding in bushes and shooting bullets. Get this mod to unlock the potential to user hiding behind the bushes.
  • Double Satisfaction – This is the most important feature and the ability. Whenever you act on something you need satisfaction and if you get satisfaction by getting superpowers in the mini militia then get the mini militia fly through walls mod now.

Hope you enjoy reading the features on mini militia invisible aka wall mod. If you get confused in any of the features above then comment us below. I will get your query resolved.

Now without wasting more time move towards the downloading part and then installation than some cool info and then I will play with you.

Download Mini Militia Wall Hack APK Latest Version

mini militia pro mod download
Mini Militia Pro Mod Download

APP NAME Mini Militia Mod
Version 4.0.42
App Size 45.8 MB
Mod Info Mini Militia Wall Hack
Credits Mini Militia Pro APK
Required Android 4.0+
Last Udated 5th July 2018

Download Now

Mini militia is the best action RPG game with many cool mods. But the mods are not available online. The mods are developed by other developers to provide game a extra usability. The sole purpose of the mods is to just aware of the mod and this is only for educational purpose. We are not in any favor to disrespect original developer Appsomniacs. If you are already a pro player then I suggest you play with the original game.

We manually check all files and folders for malware and viruses. All our mods are 100% secure. So you do not have to worry about it. All our mods are 100% secure. Let begin the downloading part and then will soon enjoy the invisible mod apk hack together.

Step 1: Open browser in your device. In which you get better speed. I use Chrome only.

Step 2: Click on the above download button.

Step 3: Now you will get the direct download link for the mini militia wall mod. Click on “Download Now” button.

Step 4: Wait 2-5 seconds (depends on your internet connection) your file start downloading.

Step 5: Voila! Wait till it finished till reading the installation guide below.

Above are 5 steps to download mini militia fly through walls hack mod. Now below I am going to share the installation method. Check out now and follow the guide step-by-step. Don’t miss any step or you will lose your data.

How To Install Mini Militia Fly Through Walls Mod APK Hack

Until you finish with the downloading part you get ready with the installation guide. The steps are easy but you need to do it correctly. Unless you lose your game.

Note: Before Installing any new game data or anything make sure you backup all your game data or files.

  • Before installing any file out of the play store make sure to enable install the application from external sources option. If you know this step then skip this part and move to next step. To enable the installation from unknown sources you have to open your device settings >> navigate to security/privacy settings >> tab on toggle button to enable “Unknown Sources“. Follow the image below.

install from unknown sources

  • Till you enable it your download may get finished. Uninstall the old version of the mini militia app from your device before installing any new. Make sure you have a backup of your old game. Sometimes the installation crashes it may lose your game data.
  • Now navigate the mini militia wall hack mod using your device file manager. Tap on the mini militia ghost mod icon and click on install button.
  • Wait for few seconds till installation completes. After that, you will see the exact screen as below.


hack mini militia
hack mini militia


  • Now click on done. And then back to home page/menu page.
  • Search for the latest installed mini militia game which is wallhack app. And then open the game by click on the icon.

Note: If the app asks for the update, skip it and click on later. Updating the app cause your mod stop working. So don’t update the game and enjoy the game in real time. We maunally update the latest version of mod here. Check frequently or allow push notification to get notified.

  • Voila! Start playing the updated version of mini militia wall mod apk.
mini militia fly through walls
mini militia fly through walls

Hope you got the steps. This is a few easy steps you need to follow. Now I am going to share the hack behind this mod. Stay tuned.

The Hack Behind Mini Militia Wall Glitch Mod

The developers of the mod found a door through which it can be programmed into the game. The result ended up editing the avatar’s viewpoint that contains the sealed areas which are rocks and walls.

If any developer detects any collision in any game which refers to the interaction of any players which is noted by height and width within the screen dimension. Now if any changes made to the width or height of the player which is greater than the screen height of the device. Then the avatar bounces back and shows empty value. This way the player can be hidden.

Mini Militia Invisible Hack
Mini Militia Invisible Hack

This way, if any of the developers changes the limiting value of the player it then enters the wall. To change the code he/she access to the game main XML files which are extracted from the main apk of the mini militia game. Then z-index is changed to make the avatar invisible/ wall hack. Later the modification is patched into a single file again. The resulting player will be able to enter the will without any disturbance.

There are few more flaws but that could be understood while playing the mod. If you find anything wrong then do comment below and I will surely help you. I find it the most interesting mod of the mini militia game.

Disclaimer: This guide/mod is only for educational purposes with no intent to harm any company. does not force or encourage people to use such Mini Militia wall hacks or any kind of mods and hacks as its unethical and takes away the fun from the game for other players. If you don’t have the genuine license of the game then please don’t download it.

Final Verdict!

It’s now time to have a ta ta bye bye. Will meet you soon with the new mod. Till enjoy all mini militia mods here. If you want to give a try to more premium apps for free then visit DroidBull. Also, this mod has a different name but the mod is the same, so don’t get confused. Subscribe to our push notification and get the updated mod notification.

Hope you enjoyed the mini militia wall hack mod (fly through walls), I am sure you will be going to happy for this mod. Please support us by sharing our site. And reply in comments if you like the game.

Rohan Chabra

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