9 Best Discord Music Bot Which You Should Try in 2019

If you don’t know about Discord, then we’ll tell you, it is the most popular chat platform in the gaming community. Will share everything about the Music bot for discord. Stay tuned and get your download your favorite bot. We will also share some of the most used discord music bot commands.

In case if you don’t know what is discord music bot, then check below.

What is a music bot on discord?

Discord Music Bot is dedicated to the gamers from the whole world. It helps in increasing the communication experience on Discord servers. If you got Discord Bot in your hands and set up your own server, then you will know how important it is. The best part of Discord Music Bot is you can add bots to increase the functionalities of the server. It helps you to manage your server better and has fun add-on features in it. So, here we are going to discuss the best Discord Music Bots which you must try in 2019.

Before we get in detail first let us see how to play music in Discord on PC or Mac.

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How To Play Music In Discord on PC or Mac?

So, first let us understand on playing Music in Discord on PC or Mac. Follow the steps and start playing music in PC Or Mac.

  • First, open a web browser and go to https://rythmbot.co or any other music bot website. ( Use any browser on your PC to get free and popular music bot)
  • At the top right corner of the page click on +invite Rythm.
  • You will go to Log In Page.
  • Enter the login details and click on Login.
  • Select the server from the menu which you want to use the music bot.
  • Then click on Authorize. A Confirmation message will come.
  • Click on the box next to ” I’m not a robot.
  • On the computer, Go to all apps in Start Menu and open Discord
  • In Applications folder open on macOS.
  • Now, click on the server which you have installed. (Servers are listed on the left side)
  • Click on the General voice channel
  • Type !play <song or artist>and press Enter or Return. ( It will search the song for you)

How to Play Music in Discord on Android?

Now, let us see how can you play Music in Discord on Android. Follow the steps and use Music on your Android with Discord.

  • First, open a web browser and go to https://discordbots.org/
  • From the page, click on Music. It will show a list of bots which can be used for music.
  • Few options are MedalBot, Dank Memer, Astolfo, and Sinon
  • Open MedalBot and click on view
  • Click on Invite on Bot which you want to install
  • Ener the details and Login. You will be redirected to the bot site.
  • Select the server.
  • Click on Authorize
  • Tap on “I’m Not Robot
  • Open Discord and click on the menu which is at the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on the server which you have installed
  • Tap a voice channel to join it

Now let us see the list of best 9 Discord Music Bots which enhance your server.

Best Music Bot for Discord Exposed – Try it Now

1. Dyno Discord Bot

10 Best Discord Music Bot Which You Should Look in 2018!

Dyno Discord Bot is the first bot you need to install. It has great features which give you total controls over and uses a dedicated dashboard. It is updated to detect the mass mention or raid spam chats. Dyno is useful for an announcement also, especially when someone left, joins, or banned from the server.

   Visit Bot

2. Rythm bot

10 Best Discord Music Bot Which You Should Look in 2018!

Rythm Music Discord Bot is like a 24/7 music bot for discord & one of the best bot with an ability to give good music with the best high quality. There is an autoplay feature and also has lyrics for the better experience. Rythm gets updated from time to time.

It is free of cost. 


  • Delivers the best music experience
  • high-quality music from multiple sources
  • no bot or music lag ever
  • Supports many sources of music to play on Rythm, like YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch and more

   Visit Bot

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3. Fredboat

It is a free Discord Music Bot which gives high-quality music to your server. Fredboat music bot is made to be an easy plugin to your server without configuration. It is very easy to use and is very simple. Authenticate your account and invite the bot.

The User interface is made very simple to use. You can easily run it as it is very simple to use. Invite the bot by authenticating with your account.

10 Best Discord Music Bot Which You Should Look in 2018!


  • Support sites: YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, Vimeo.

   Visit Bot

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4. Ayana

Ayana is the powerfully customizable bot for Discord. It has all in one, like fun and music. There is a high-quality music in Ayana which the users can enjoy the music system. Once you use Ayana then you won’t choose any other bot.

This is a free Discord music bot which gives high-quality music to the discord server. FredBoat music bot is made an easy plugin without configuration.  The User interface is made very simple to use. You can easily run it as it is very simple to use. Invite the bot by authenticating with your account. 


  • Powerful Moderation
  • Has lots of fun commands and reaction images
  • Supports multilanguage
  • Support sites: Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitch, Playlists, Listen.moe

   Visit Bot

5. LewdBot

It is a multi-purpose discord bot which is written in Java. However, LewdBot has less features and are constantly re-added.

LewdBot Discord

Available Features

  • Interactive setups
  • Music Playing
  • R34 Searching
  • Server Logs
  • Ban and Kick with reason
  • Channel Ignoring

Support sites: YouTube, SoundCloud, Playlists

   Visit Bot

6. Vexera

Vexera provides a high-quality music bot with memes, fun, and moderation. You can get music from Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, and Soundcloud. It is a free music streaming and management service for Discord.

Vexera Discord Music Bot

Support sites: YouTube, SoundCloud, Playlists, Twitch, Lyrics.

   Visit Bot

7. Kyoko

This is an open-source and a powerful Discord Bot which has lots of features. Kyoko music bot is very easy to use. There are features like customizable profiles, intuitive dashboard, currency system, moderation, auto-roles, advanced music player with cool features like karaoke mode, module player.

Kyoko Discord Bot

Support sites: YouTube, SoundCloud, Playlists, Twitch, NicoNico, Filters

   Visit Bot

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8. Donut Bot

It is very easy to invite DonutBot, just click on the given link below. Then select the server you want and click on Authorize and you are ready to use. If you can’t see the servers then you might be on the wrong account or don’t have the correct permissions for the server.

DonutBot Discord

Support sites: YouTube, SoundCloud, Playlists, Twitch

   Visit Bot

9. Groovy

Groovy music bot is a reliable, multi-purpose which provides music with the high audio quality for the discord server. To start with Groovy Log in with Discord and choose the server.

Groovy Discord Music Bot

Support sites:  YouTube, SoundCloud, Playlists, Dashboard

   Visit Bot

Now after selecting your favorite music bot for discord, you should know how to use it effectively. For making this process easy, we have collected few commands for discord music bots, which you make the process more smooth and effective.

Most used Discord Music Bot Commands (FredBoat)

Below are the set of commands for discord music bot which you try it today and test out amazing hidden features of discord music bot. You might have not tried it before. Also, some of the Youtube channels do not support discord, due to copyright infringements.

Command Example Description
;;play url ;;play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Plays music from the given URLs according to bots supported sites.
;;list N/A Displays a list of the current songs in the playlist.
;;pause N/A Pauses the player.
;;skip N/A Skip the current song and move to next.
;;stop N/A Stops the player and empty the playlist. Reserved for moderators.
;;split ;;split https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EdW28B-In4 Splits a YouTube track based on the tracklist.
;;unpause N/A Unpauses the player.
;;leave N/A Bot leaves the current voice channel.
;;join N/A Bot join your current voice channel.
;;seek time ;;seek 3:45:00 Sets the track position to the given time.
;;repeat ;;repeat all Repeat track in loop until you push the next command.
;;shuffle N/A Toggles shuffle mode for the current queue.
;;rew time ;;rew 30 Rewinds the track by a given amount of time.
;;fwd time ;;fwd 2:40 Forwards the track by a given amount of time.

Wait! Don’t go anywhere. Here I have a few more information about the same. If you came here just to know the best discord music bot then you may skip, but if you are new then you should look at the below information. I will guide you how you can add music to your playlist via discord bot.

How to Add Music To Playlist?

Well, I already shared the command to add music with an example but here I will share you a little detail information about the same. Adding music is simple and quick. You just need to use ;;play command. Now see this example for more detail.

;;play rock n roll
;;play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuNTO31FlY8

You can use one of the above commands to add music to your playlists or play it directly. The first method sends command discord bot to search a song for you on YouTube and then it will play. Either you can use the second method to send bot a command to play this specific song from the given URL.

Note: These commands are tested in FredBoat discord bot. You can try in other bots or read the documentation for the specific bot.

Final Thoughts!!

So, these are the best Discord Music Bot Which You Should Look in 2019. There are several more bots available like discord music bot Spotify, and more.  And if you are the developer and would like to know  “how to make a discord music bot“, then you can follow this link.

To know more the discord music bots usage and features, you need to visit your favorite bot website and look over it. It is really hard to publish all info at one place. But let me know if you need any specific help, then comment below, I’ll surely help you. Hope this article was helpful for you. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

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