Cider APK (Cycada) Download For Android (100% Working)

Searching for the emulators for iOS which could really work? If you are the one then you won the excellence award. Becuase you landed perfectly. Here I am going to share you one of the best iOS emulators for Android. This is listed in the top according to watching its features and compatibility. There are more alternatives but not same as cider apk.

Cider apk if the one after which you can experience a real iOS in your android device. So if you are worried about how to download cider android apk or cyada apk? Then left it on us. I will go through all the steps below. Please be with me till the end.

So if your search land here while searching for iOS emulator for Android and you are not aware of cider/cyada app, then I should first start with the basic of the cider and why you should use the app, I mean the features of the app and then the rest of the part where you could install the app and start feeling the iOS experience.

Note: I will try to cover almost all question which users face while installing the cider app. So to know more about it follow till the end.

What is Cider / Cycada apk?

cider apk download latest version
cider apk download latest version

Basically, it is an emulator which converts your android to ios app. After which you can run iOS apps on your android phone and feel the same experience with graphics. Cider app is just like or we can say more than an iEMU app. If you don’t know about iEMU, then do not worry. iEMU is the alternative of cider iOS emulator.

To run iPhones app in android you don’t need to pay anything. You will get it all free. The only things you have to pay is your data to download the app.

The only bad thing about this app, which I don’t like, compatibility. The app will not work on all devices. You have to try out. If it works you are lucky, if not, then don’t worry. Check out the other cider app alternative. I am sure one of them will work for your device.


Minimum Requirements To Use Cider APP

  • Must have Android version: 2.2 and higher
  • Minimum disk space required: 3 GB+ for emulation.
  • RAM needed: 512 MB+

Now if you are in the above minimum criteria then follow below. Look out the features and directly jump to the download section.


Features Of Cider APK

  • Best of all the other iOS emulators comparatively.
  • Cider app is free to use.
  • Supports the widest range of Android devices.
  • Graphics are almost the same as iOS.
  • Run 99% of the iOS app in your android device.
  • 100% secure and tested by developers & users around the globe.
  • Works similar to the iOS device. You can experience every part of the iOS device.

Hope the features are exciting enough. Now let us move to the main thing.

How to Download Cider APK?

cider apk
cider apk

Well, this is sad but we have the solution and that’s why you are here. This app is not published in play store. And that’s why you are here to get the app. We will share the app with you so that you can download cider for android. So to download the cider apk ios emulator for android, you need to follow the below steps. Well, I must not say it a step. It just a button click and done. To install the app you need to follow some sort of proper steps. Download the cider from below download button. And you get another page with its direct download link.

App Name Cider APK
Version 1.0
App Size 4.3 MB
Mod Info iOS Emulator
Price Free
Android Required 4.0+
Last Updated 11th July 2018

   Download Cider

===Cider APK Direct Download===


How To Install Cider APK in Android?

Ahh! You must be thinking it is not a rocket science to be followed to install this apk. And I believe it is not. But still, we need to follow some sort of steps so that things could work and it will not waste the time.

  • So, as I already mentioned above. It is not available in play store you need to download link from external trusted source. And we have manually verified the app with all sort of things. Now before installing the app, you need to enable/give the permission to your device to install apps from external sources. To do so, just enter to your phone settings >> security >> tap on the “Unknown Source” to enable it. That’s it.

mod apk

  • After the basic thing, navigate to the location where you have downloaded the app. Install the file and wait till it completes the installation.

Note: Before running any iOS app to cider app. You need to close other opened apps in your device. So that you could run iOS apps on the device.

  • Open the cider android app which you have installed, and give all the permissions to the app to get things working.
  • Now in the final, open the app and start installing the iOS apps, steps followed in the app screen.
  • Voila!! Done. You did a wonderful job. Start using iOS using Cider apk in your android device.

The installation steps complete here. Now I will cover some FAQS which are generally asked about the app. Just be with me, if you want to know more about it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who and why created Cider APK for Android?

Great question!. The developer of the app is a Columbia University student. He finds the gap for the users of Android developers to build apps for iOS and wanted Android users could also feel the experience of iOS. And as Android is the multi compatibility platform, the app is developed. Building the app was not easy but the developer is smart. Thanks to the developer who brings us this awesome app.

Is the cider app free?

Yes. The app is completely free. You don’t need to pay for anything except your mobile data.

How to use cider apk?

We have already mentioned this step in the above installation part. Please refer to the installation guide above.

Is cider apk safe to use?

We only shared safe apps. Our users is our first priority. I have manually tested the app and then bring it to you.

Can I install Cyder app on Tablet?

Yes, if the tablet is Android-based. No, if the tablet is installed other than Android OS.

I am done with the question which I had. If you have any more question, feedbacks, errors, etc. then use the below comment.

Final Verdict!!

We are happy that you chose us and trust us. Please be with us and share the word, DroidBull. At droidbull, we share premium moded apps and other android tricks. Hope you find the cider apk free download guide perfect. I believe it could work for you. If not then you can find other iOS emulators from here. Subscribe to our push notification to know about the app updates.

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  1. I want to download Cider to my Galaxy Note 4. I read about how to download it, and it just says download from here. Anything that looks like I should click to download it just takes me to an ad. Can you please provide better instructions on what to click to download it.

  2. So after I download th ed emulator and install it, how can I get apps from the apple app store and install them on my emulated phone?? Or is that not possible

    • Hello Steve,
      For that, you need to download the .ipa file in your device and then install it via Cider APK. Let me know if you need any further help.


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