List Of Best Root Checker Apps For Android 2020

It is said that rooting your Android device gives you many Advantages. If you root your Android device then you can unlock lots of Amazing features. So, here in this article, we are going to talk about rooting a device and we will also show you some Root Checker Apps through which you can check out your device is rooted or not. Once you have rooted your device, then you need to check whether it is successfully rooted or not. If you want to know that then you have come to the right place, as here we will provide you a list of apps which will check whether your phone has been rooted or not.

Sometimes, when you root your Android phone, the rooting tool will display the message rooting is successful, but actually, it is not. Your Android device might not be rooted properly. So, in this type of situations, you need best root checker apps which tells you your phone has got the root access or not. So, to know whether your device has got root access or not check out the given list of Root Checker Apps. We hope these apps will be helpful for you to check the device is rooted or not.

With the help root checker apps, check the steps to check your device has got root access or not. So, before we see the best Root Checker Apps, first let us see how can you use those apps to check the root access.

How To Root Check Your Android Device?

Let us check out if your Android device is rooted successfully or not.

  • First of all download and install any root checker app for your Android
  • Click on Agree if you get any Pop-Up
  • Then you will see the main interface of the app
  • Tap on verify root access button
  • Now, it will as for permission, click on Allow it
  • If your device has root access then you will see the following on the phone screen

Root Checker Apps For Android

Pros And Cons Of Rooting Your Device

Pros of Rooting Android Phone

  • Your Android device will be fully customizable, all the themes and graphics will be customized
  • Can extend your Battery life
  • If your device has an older version then it Allows you to upgrade the latest Android version
  • Download any app which you want

Cons Of Rooting Android Phone

  • Rooting your device can be risky
  • It can remove your device Warranty
  • If you want to put your device in risk then only root your device
  • Your phone will get viruses and malware easily

So, if you root your phone then it is on your risk, then if anything happens, the manufacturer will not take it in guarantee and repair.

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Now, let us check out the best Root Checker apps For Android.

List Of Best Root Checker Apps For Android

1. SU Root Checker

Root Checker Apps

SU Root checker app is a simple app to check whether your phone is rooted successfully or not. Using the SU Root checker app is very easy. Just download and install the app from Google Play Store or direct visit from the given link. Once it is downloaded, open the app and click on Check Root Access. Then you will see the model number of your device and then it will show your device is rooted or not.


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2. Root/Super Su Checker Free

The Root/Super Su checker app easily verifies if your phone is properly rooted or not. It has a very clean user interface and the app is very easy to use. There is a premium version available for this app, which unlocks all other features. If you want then you can buy the PRO version of this app by paying $1.99. If you want to know if the superuser apps are installed on your Android phone then this Root Checker app will check that also.

If you don’t know how to use the app, then it also provides a video tutorial in the app, so watch the video and use the app. For more information, click on the FAQ section and get clear all your queries. If you use the free version of the app then you can get ADS, but if you have PRO version then you won’t see any ads.


3. Root Checker By Joeykrim

This root checker app has over 50 millions downloads. It is one of the best root checker app and it does everything. The User Interface of the app is very clean and easy to use. Root Checker app by Joeykrim gives fast response without any ads. Within no time, it verifies that your device is rooted or not. Just like the Root/Su checker app, this root checker app also verifies the installation. However, it also shows the root statistics of your phone and the ranking. You will get a lot of information on this app, from rooting your device successfully, to rooting installation through the manufacturer. All information will be given by this app.


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4. Root Verifier By Madhav Kanbur

The Root Verifier app is the same as the SU Root Checker app. However, this Root Verifier by Madhav Kanbur checks out the BusyBox status and the superuser app. The user interface of the app is very easy. Root Verifier app has a simple black and red theme. This app easily verifies if the Android device has been rooted or not. With just a single tap on the button, you will get to know whether the device is rooted or not.

Root Checker

Root Verifier App by Madhav Kanbur does not contain any ads. It functions very simple and straight forward.


5. Root Checker By SimoneDev

The Simple Root Checker app is designed by the Google guidelines in Material Design. Root Checker by SimoneDev app checks the device is properly rooted or not. And it also checks the BusyBox installation package with a simple algorithm. For more information about the app, you can go to FAQ’s section and get all your answers.

Features of the app:

  • Root checker
  • Installs BusyBox check and BusyBox version
  • The User Interface has a Pure Material design
  • Supports in moving apps to the Memory card
  • Also Supports for Samsung multiwindows



If your device is correctly rooted then you can get all the access. But as we said, Rooting your Android device is risky as your device can be filled with Malware and Virus, so it totally depends on you to root the device or not. However, Rooting any of your Android devices is very risky, so think twice before you root your phone. If you have rooted your device and wants to know whether it is rooted or not, just check out the list given above to check your device. Here we have given the list of Best Root Checker Apps for Android Phones. We hope you liked this article and was helpful for you. For more and latest updates stay tuned to us.

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