SD Maid Pro APK 4.14.32 Download Latest Version

Looking for sd maid premium version or a hacked version of sd maid. Awesome!, Today I am going to share the 100% working SD maid app with premium unlocker. SD Maid is an application that searches and locates data that is unnecessary for the user and cleans it up for them. Frees up a considerable amount of storage on your mobile phone. Helps reach to places in your phone for locating garbage that you couldn’t possibly think off.

It is a significant help for those who have continual storage problems. Additionally, It comes with an ‘App control‘ section which gives facilities to freeze, restart and delete programs that are no longer in use. This App Control section is an excellent help for the default programs that come already installed in the mobile phones.

This utility enhances the speed of the phone and compresses the database for speedy access and more space. And, if the user has large files and folders, this app will notify them to delete it if they want to get rid of it.

SD Maid also developed an SD Maid Pro which requires SMD but opens new pro features for the user.

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What is SD Maid Pro APK?

SD Maid Pro is an app developed with a simple user interface which is easy to operate. This app allows easy navigation between its features.

This app proves to be a great help to clean up the majority of background garbage that takes up a lot of space and makes the mobile operating slower than usual.

It cleans up already rooted app data, which is of no use perhaps. It deletes program files and large files that the user may wish to remove but cannot find where it is present in the storage.

The significant role this app plays is of database optimization, which makes the user experience a lot more improved and lags free.

App Name SD Maid Pro
Version 4.14.32
Developer Darken
Size 7MB
Android 4.0+
Root Required No
Last Updated 19 August 2019

SD Maid Premium Features

  • Overview – This app allows easy cleaning of the device for more storage and shows the device details and root status all in one.
  • Explorer – You can do system edits if you have root access. It allows you to create, rename and remove files.
  • AppControl – The enlisted installed apps are readily controllable by the given tools.
  • CorpseFinder – The applications that are uninstalled sometimes leave their residues behind. SD Maid Pro cleans that up efficiently.
  • System Cleaner – It cleans the files that are no longer in need and are taking up too much of space.
  • App cleaner – App data is erased according to priorities.
  • Duplicates – If there are two of the same files, one is deleted.
  • Analyzer – Tells you what takes up the most space.
  • Database – Optimization of the database for a better experience.
  • Exclusions – Excludes a file if the user mentions a proper path to it.
  • Scheduler – can be used to schedule a time so that it can run automatically.

How to install SD Maid Pro APK on Android?

sd maid unlocker

Remove all the previous versions first.

Step 1. Download SD Maid Hacked version APK from the above download button.
Step 2. Once downloaded. Go to the folder and open the APK.
Step 3. Tap on the SDM APK. It’ll show a security check asking you to allow from unknown sources. Check the checkbox.
Step 4. Again tap on SDM APK file to download it.
Step 5. Once the app installation process is over, click on Open. Navigate through all the features the app has.
Step 6. Use the app as per your phone needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SD Maid Pro APK better than other apps?

SD Maid pro is one of the best choices that a user can make. It is efficient in its experience, easy to operate and not at all complicated to understand. Provides the lists of all apps and show how much storage they take up and what are the files that need instant removal for a faster and better experience.

It takes less space and optimizes the data and makes it lags free. Unlike, other apps which makes the phone lag a lot and is harder to operate and use. You can also download the premium version of SD Maid for more additional features from SD Maid premium download sources.

What is SD Maid Pro Unlocker?

Sd maid unlocker helps you to unlock the premium version from the basic version for free. But sometimes it doesn’t work and we got too many complaints about it, so we removed it. We will add it here once it gets fixed. So for the replacement, we have added the sd maid hack version apk and which is directly available to you for free.

Final words

SD Maid Pro is a remarkable app to clean the junk that is collected by various installations and downloads. It helps to make your phone run as fast as you want it to be. In all, having this app is a boon, and one must surely have it on their phone.

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